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Stand up Comedy Tips


Even the most seasoned actors had it rough the first time they stepped on the stage. It is like a journey of a thousand miles which normally start with a single step, start even you fall, just rise again and carry on. Your audience are now eagerly waiting for you to showcase your jokes and on your side, you are equally ready with your well organized comical pieces. You are back at the stage waiting for your name to be mentioned and in the list you can now confirm that you are the next, this obviously make your heart change its beating pattern, do not fret, this is the best time to show that you can actually perform. This is what other celebs who you admire feels. The thing is, are you in a position to keep your audience trickling with laughter? 


Do you believe that you can make the saddest person break his or her ribs within a couple of seconds? As a comic comedian, this is what you should always be anticipating. It is very satisfying to see your jokes even being publicized and every post on your social sites going viral. The truth is, for you to achieve this, you must have the basics on how this can be done. What you should know is that your talent need some exposure as well also be fine tuned for it to be fully developed.  


You have heard that majority of the comedians stated their celebrity journey through auditions. Auditions are known t o give one a golden chance to exhibit his or her talents in a better platform which is already established. In auditions you are subjected to a couple of minutes before judges w ho you must prove tat you really can do it. In a matter of very few minutes, you are supposed to prove that you are up to the task. In such a case, you need the tips highlighted in this piece. Get some facts here: http://www.ehow.com/how_2248115_get-standup-comedy-gigs.html.


Always take this as a caution, do not pose a joke which cannot make you laugh. You should also be aware that, something may be funny to you and not funny to everyone. This tells you that you have to put yourself into the shoes of the public. It all start with knowing your audience. Use a friendly language which can be understood by the majority. Comedy is very different class work and therefore, you should ensure that you have done it in a way that it makes every person very excited.


A joke is called a joke because it is new and extraordinary and therefore not written or publicized but unending creativity. As a comedian, you also need to be very informed and ahead of others and not making jokes of the previous decade; you have to have a complete mastery in your field. Read more about the best comedy tool here.